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Tigray’s transport infrastructure primarily consisting of roads is one of the least developed in Africa. With a total land area of over 50,079 square kilometers and a population of around 8 million, the region has the lowest road network density in Africa. About 80% of the population depends on traditional means of transport such as walking, head loading, and using pack animals. This lack of efficient transportation options affects the rural population’s access to necessary services and hampers agricultural productivity and economic growth.

The Tigray government recognizes that improving the region’s road network is crucial for the growth and development of the economy. They aim to improve transport operating efficiency and reduce road transport costs to encourage production, distribution, and export.


We are a transport company focused on long-distance bus transport, with Mekele as our hub. Our routes will cover major Ethiopian cities such as Alamata, Addis Ababa, and other destinations in Eritrea and Sudan. We plan to establish terminals, fuel service stations, and workshops in the main cities of the region. In the future, we also intend to set up a bus assembly plant for our fleet and for local and export sales. Our target market is the middle-income group of society.

To enhance connectivity and accessibility, our company will collaborate with sister companies in the aviation industry. By utilizing Mekelle as a major hub and partnering with international airlines, we aim to bring passengers from all over the world to Tigray via Addis Ababa.

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Modern fleet

Our buses are equipped with modern amenities for a comfortable travel experience.

Insurance and Safety

We prioritize passenger safety and ensure compliance with safety standards.


We use the latest technology to improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience.


Our buses are equipped with modern amenities for a comfortable travel experience.

Gas Station and Rest Area

Revitalize at our all-in-one stop: gas station and rest area. Get fueled up and refreshed for your journey ahead.


Our vision is to become a leading multifaceted company in transportation and logistics services in the Horn of Africa. We aim to connect our customers with the people, places, and services that enhance the quality and enjoyment of their lives.



Our mission is to provide a safe, comfortable, and cost-efficient land transportation system that connects customers to their desired destinations. We accomplish this by providing modern equipment, advanced technology, and professional knowledge and experience. Our mission is guided by the principles of Safety, Quality, Dependability, Satisfaction, and Fairness.


We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, striving to understand and meet their needs through innovative and quality services. We are committed to service excellence, providing effective and efficient public transportation and logistics services. We value good governance, which is achieved through accountability, integrity, responsibility, and transparency. Honesty is a core value that guides our interactions with ourselves, customers, and others.

Our Partners

A share company from the People to the People of Tigray to A share company from the People to the People of Ethiopia

Work Hours

We take pride in providing continuous connections between Sudan and Tigray, as well as within Tigray itself. Our people mover services operate 24/7, ensuring seamless travel experiences at any time of the day or night.

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